Drake Takes Shots From Grammy Award In Nothing Was The Same Trailer

By Georgette Pierre

On the list of things that Drake has done, he can now add taking shots from his Grammy Award as one of them. In the album trailer for Nothing Was the Same via his fan site Word on Road, the Toronto rapper is seen opening an unfamiliar package that he soon realized was his coveted award for Best Rap Album for Take Care. Somewhat in shock, Drake and his OVO crew decided to take shots from the golden gramophone to celebrate the moment.

Drake explains the surreal moment as he walks around his estate with his Grammy in hand. “This right here [The GRAMMY], I use to talk about this all the time like and sit and just like…say I’m gonna be…you know I never…My vision always included a speech. That’s the only, that’s the only thing that kind of wasn’t accurate, but other than like I always said I’d get one of these you know and I got it man. It’s like, when does it stop? You know? Does it stop? Why is it happening? It’s crazy man. It’s crazy to think about it. It’s surreal.”

On top of releasing four tracks and an album release date for Nothing Was the Same, slated for a September 17 release, he’s also gearing up for his upcoming "Would You Like a Tour?" featuring Miguel and Future.