Lil Snupe Remembered Through His Music

(Snupe and Meek talk Dreamchasers signing)

By Maurice Bobb

Lil Snupe is gone way too soon. But even though the 18-year-old was confirmed dead on Thursday morning after being shot, he lives on through his music.

The Dreamchaser didn’t have time to amass an overwhelming discography as Meek Mill’s protégé, but on his last official mixtape, R.N.I.C., the Louisiana spitter left behind some sonically potent gems.

The first thing that comes to mind when Snupe’s songs are cued up is his powerful command of rhyme structure at such an early age. He’s almost a lyrical prodigy, spitting the same earnest street pathos that his mentor made popular enough to prompt Rick Ross to take notice.

On the fluidly poignant “Nobody Does It Better,” featuring the Dreams and Nightmares MC, Snupe pays homage to fallen friends and explains what makes him grind hard body in the game, spitting lines like, “I do this for my Momma and my Daddy in the bin, all my real ni—as who held it down to the end and “Cuz they already know, if I get up in the game, I’mma have this shit on lock, ni—a.”

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