Juicy J And The Weeknd Have 'One Of Those Nights' In New Video

By Andie Lowenstein

Juicy J and The Weeknd share their love for strippers, drugs and money on “One Of Those Nights” and now the duo have debuted a visual to accompany the track.

The video begins with Abel Tesfaye at a bar, most likely intoxicated and relaxing with his lady friends. Meanwhile, Juicy J is shown sitting at another table, getting intimate with a woman. The atmosphere is interrupted though, when a gun-carrying thief arrives, demanding money. Still, The Weeknd remains impassive, laughing off the situation.

Without revealing the ending twist, we’ll just say that Juicy steps up and saves the day. You know, just another “One Of Those Nights.”

Juicy J's solo debut Stay Trippy is due this summer.

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