Kanye West's 'On Sight' Lyrics Criticized By American Parkinson Disease Association


By Maurice Bobb

Yeezy season wouldn’t be complete without a few thunderstorms and the American Parkinson Disease Association is raining on Kanye West's parade.

TMZ  reports that the organization is upset with 'Ye for his “ignorant” and “distasteful” use of Parkinson’s disease as a punch line in Yeezus’ “On Sight” with the lyrics, "A monster about to come alive again / Soon as I pull up and park the Benz / We get this bitch shaking like Parkinson's."

"We find these lyrics distasteful and the product of obvious ignorance,” APDA’s VP Kathryn Whitford said in a statement.

The self-professed “black new wave artist”  is no stranger to controversial lyrics, drawing the ire of PETA for saying that his "mink is draggin' on the floor” on last year’s "Cold,” but APDA’s outrage seems perfunctory considering that this isn’t the first time a rapper has used the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease for lyrical effect.

Known shock rapper Tyler, the Creator rhymed “got you ni—as shakin’ like it’s Parkinson’s” on Earl Sweatshirt’s “Couch” and Chicago upstart Chance the Rapper also took aim at the affliction with the line, “Market him, tell him that he's buzzing like a game operation with Parkinson’s” on his own “Family.”

Even Eminem, who has had numerous run-ins with various groups because of his lyrics, used the malady on "Won't Back Down," rhyming, "Girl shake that ass like a donkey with Parkinson's, make like Michael J. Fox is in your drawers playing with an Etch-a-Sketch."

The “Black Skinhead” MC has yet to respond to the APDA, the largest organization in the country dedicated to helping those with Parkinson's and furthering efforts to find a cure, but with an album rife with profuse amounts of shocking lyrical fodder, this likely won’t be the last time he ruffles a few feathers for his something he said on his critically-acclaimed sixth studio LP.