2 Chainz And Pharrell Film 'Feds Watching' Video


via BBC

2 Chainz linked up with Pharrell out in LA this week to shoot the video for "Feds Watching," the first single from his upcoming sophomore album. See photos from the set above, and below hear Pharrell explain what happened when he and 2 Chainz finally got in the studio to record.


"He had a room full of all his folks and they were all in the zone," Pharrell told MTV News, explaining the atmosphere he walked into. "I [was] absorbing the air and the vibe, the tone, the pacing because everybody there was pretty much on a similar page. Immediately I started working on what that [vibe] felt like to me and that there's where the loop of the beat [came from].

"It's that '80s ska, reggae, glass-of-wine type of feel. I just put the drums up under it and it just happened that way," he said of the end result.