Video Footage Of 2 Chainz Robbery Emerges

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By Gil Kaufman

2 Chainz has been pretty adamant that he was not robbed at gunpoint in San Francisco last weekend. But based on a new surveillance video posted by TMZ, one thing's for sure: someone pulled a gun on Chainz and his crew and when the piece came out, they took off.

In the grainy clip, Chainz and his partners are walking down the street when two men approach them with guns drawn. The rapper and his crew take off in different directions when they see the guns, with the purported robbers in hot pursuit, with one of them skipping down the street as he chases them.

From a second angle, you can watch Chainz stumble and fall down as one of the gunmen stands over him with his gun drawn. Though you can't see it in the video, police said the robbers stole 2C's cell phone and wallet, seemingly corroborated by a shot at the end of the surveillance clip in which one of the robbers appears to have a bunch of gear stashed under his clothes as he runs away.

Chainz tweeted that nothing was taken from him in the incident, but his luck seemed to run out on Tuesday, when police arrested him at Los Angeles International Airport and charged him with felony narcotics possession? after finding a bottle of promethazine and codeine syrup in his luggage.