A$AP Rocky Leaves Concert After Fan Swipes Supreme Hat

A$AP Rocky Opens Rihanna's "Diamonds" World Tour - New York, NY

By Rachel Samples

A$AP Rocky abruptly left the stage during a concert in Germany this week, after an interaction with fans that left him hatless. His hat, which he refers to as an “one of a kind back-in- the –day” Supreme hat, was taken by a fan in the crowd after he approached the audience during a song.

After realizing his precious piece of wardrobe was missing, A$AP stopped the music and repeatedly asked the crowd for it back. He made several warnings that he would not continue his performance until he got his hat back saying, “Nobody know nothin’, huh?” His requests to the crowd had to be translated and after several minutes the crowd didn’t have an answer, or more importantly, the timeless hat.

He cut the concert short saying, “Germany, it’s been good. Thank you, I’m out this bitch! Peace!,” and left the stage angrily. Will this mystery ever be solved?