'Love & Hip Hop Atlanta': K. Michelle And Mimi Fight

By Sowmya Krishnamurthy

Friends quickly become enemies in this week's episode of "Love & Hip Hop Atlanta." Mimi and Ariane sit down to talk about the huge fight between Mimi and K. Michelle from last week, which all stemmed from K questioning the sexuality of Mimi's boyfriend. Ariane tells Mimi to come to NYC with her so they can attend a concert K is having and then hopefully patch things up.

Elsewhere, Scrappy is still reeling about Momma Dee's "End of Engagement" party. He tells his mother to stop disrespecting him and to leave him alone. Momma Dee apologizes to her son for overstepping her boundaries but she's secretly happy that Erica is out of the picture. Erica is still in the picture as Shay is concerned, though. While at a fashion show, Shay spies Erica walking down the runway. She confides in Traci that she met up with Scrappy and it sounds like feelings are still there. Like clockwork, Erica walks up with Shay and totally ignores her. Awk-ward.

Traci finally invests her money in Drew's new business but with one catch: She has already hired a MALE business partner for Drew. Traci's guy is qualified and on top of that, he's a trained barber. Sold. Drew is open to testing him out. Unfortunately, it's too little, too late. We find out that Drew ends up taking all of money, including Traci's half, and gives the $50k to a man without a contract. The man steals their money and dips. Traci is shocked and walks out of the store. "We gonna make this happen...just not right now," says Drew, trying to calm her fears.

Rasheeda feels that Kirk continue to unravel. She feels that his commitment to the relationship has changed. "I don't understand where he's coming from or what's going on in his head," she says. Kirk says that her pregnancy is "bad timing" and she is "spiteful." In his mind, she got pregnant on purpose just to hurt him. Kirk says that he has a lot of kids and then not-so-subtly hints that she should get an abortion. She responds, "Hell no. I'm going to have a baby" and then tells her husband that if he wants to leave, he can.

Kirk confides in Benzino (during what appears to be a strip club party with singer Bobby Valentino) that he is stressed out about Rasheeda. Kirk shares that he's not been practicing safe sex and apparently, he thinks "taking it out" prevents pregnancy. Benzino plays the sensitive one, telling Kirk that he needs to be there for his wife and on top of that, to make him the godfather.

Just what this kid needs.

Stevie J and his artist Che Mack sit down with Joseline to try and create a mutual working relationship for all of them. Joseline is not feeling it and tells Che that she'll kick her in the mouth. Jos asks Stevie J why he's not finishing up her album and instead, focusing on Che Mack. When asked if she'll ever collaborate with Che, Jos says there's no way ever. "Go home...I'm out," says Joseline and she walks out.

In NYC, things between Mimi and K go from bad to worse when it's revealed that K went on the radio to tell people openly that she thinks that Mimi's boyfriend is secretly gay. The three meet up backstage at K's show and it goes down. K tells Mimi that she should have had her back when Nikko and his boy were yelling at her. "You don't even have a man!" counters Mimi, clearly hurt by the allegations. K then escalates things by taking a bouquet and smacking Mimi. K walks away and starts singing acapella as a way to drown out Mimi's yells.

Ariane is shocked by what goes down, especially how immature Mimi acted. Ariane tells her that she should've been the bigger person and just walked away. The two then get in each other's faces and start screaming. Mimi questions Ariane's loyalty and warns her that K is shady and will flip on her one day too.