Ray J Brings Out Kim Kardashian's Doppelgänger On '106 & Park'

By Maurice Bobb

Ray J’s pay as a typecast reality show “star” must not be what it should be because, at this point, he could use a big fat reality check. During a visit to BET’s "106 & Park" on Wednesday (May 22), the For the Love of Ray J crooner brought out Kim Kardashian’s doppelgänger, the same woman who plays his love interest in the video for his controversial song, “I Hit It First.”

"The song is about something I did. I try not to go so hard with the record 'cause it's self-explanatory," Ray J explained about why he made the obvious musical dig at his otherworldly famous ex. "There's other relationships that I've been in too, just not as popular as others that I've dealt with."

Before the video vixen came out, the audience sang Ray's ode to Kanye West's baby mother, which debuted No. 3 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, word for word and watched the song's visuals. Near the end of the broadcast, host Bow Wow urged the "One Wish" singer to bring out his co-star, prompting the crowd to chant, “Bring her out! Bring her out!” like they were in a WWE arena. Ray feigned reluctance, then the Kim clone, whose real name is Luda, came out for her 15 seconds of fame. Bow Wow began to state the obvious, that she looked very familiar, but Ray cut him off.

"Like I said, it's something I did," Ray added petulantly. "I make songs all the time. This is just the beginning of a story I’m trying to tell. There’s records coming with a whole lot more substance. I wanted this record to be the platform for the rest of the story I’m telling."