Mac Miller Thanks Kanye For Promoting Watching Movies With The Sound Off

Guess Mac Miller knows something we don't. A couple weeks back Kanye West sent out one of his usual mysterious tweets, simply writing, "June Eighteen," and while most people assumed that it was likely the release date for a new single, or maybe even the release date for his anticipated sixth solo album--Mac Miller had a different idea.

On Friday morning (May 18) the Pittsburgh MC retweeted Kanye's original message and added a little note. “@kanyewest: June Eighteen” appreciate u showin support my g. #salute"  Wouldn't that be a moment in time, if 'Ye was really tweeting in support of Mac's sophomore album Watching Movies With The Sound Off, which is currently scheduled to debut on June 18?

It's wishful thinking, but you've gotta appreciate his sense of humor. MTV News recently asked Mac to watch a few movies and narrate them with the sound off. The titles were "The Notebook," "How High" and "Semi-Pro" and the result was nothing short of comedic. Watch in the video above.

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