Diddy Fakes Us Out With Downton Abbey 'Funny Or Die' Spoof

Downton Diddy from Sean Combs

By Maurice Bobb

When Diddy talks, people listen. Which is why when the Bad Boy CEO tweeted that he was the newest castmember of PBS’ runaway hit TV show, “Downton Abbey,” everyone took him at his word. Everyone except the good folks at PBS, that is.

After the network denied Diddy’s claims, telling MTV News in a statement that the announcement was “simply not true,” the hip-hop mogul released a “Funny or Die” video spoof via Twitter. The parody followed the news that the show had cast its first African-American actor on the show, Gary Carr, who will play a jazz musician on the show next season.

“Last week it was reported that they have casted the first black castmember on Downtown Abbey,” Diddy said, woefully mispronouncing “Downton.” “The only problem with this is, I already broke down that barrier. I’m making the announcement that I’m the first black castmember on downtown abbey…downton abbey, whatever the f-ck it’s called. And I got the scenes to prove it.”

In the clip, the multi-hyphenate born Sean Combs plays Lord Wolcott, the new owner of Downton, dressed methodically in a tux of the time period, speaking the King’s English. Diddy is then spliced in with footage from previous episodes, making it appear as though he had in fact been on the show, cracking one-liners and making pithy observations.

“I understand what you’re doing. You keeping these h---s in check around here. Always need something like that,” Diddy says to footman Thomas, before Thomas caresses his face. “What the f--k?! Motherf--ker! What’s wrong with you? Have you lost yourself man? I can’t love you.”

Diddy then goes on to ramble off the names of all the women on the show that he loves, which includes the maids, before acquiescing to Thomas’ advances. “Put your hand on my face one more time,” Diddy asks, before Thomas obliges. “I think I have room for you. I love you, Thomas. I'm Lord Wolcott, and I love everybody.”

Diddy then flashes from scene to scene making hilarious comments throughout, with the video ending with the Last Train to Paris MC back in his office for a recap of events. "Wow, now that was some riveting period drama... I don't know where you can find it at,” Diddy said. “This is some real 'Masterpiece Theater' right here."

The new season of "Downton Abbey" premieres on PBS on January 4.