Kanye West Sticks To Music-And-Rant Format At NYC Show

Samsung Galaxy Note II New York Launch Event

By Sowmya Krishnamurthy

Kanye West wants you to know that he's no celebrity. The rapper/producer went on another epic rant last night at the Adult Swim Upfront party in NYC in which he blasted the paparazzi for hounding him down. "I ain't no mother----ing celebrity!" he shouted throughout the tirade.

"One thing about me, I'm the worst kinda ... celebrity because all I do is make real music. All I do is sit in the studio and make real, real sh--. And that's it," he said, half-singing. "That's mother----ing it. That's mother----ing it. So I don't want nobody trying to run up on me with no cameras, trying to sell pictures and sh-- to magazines, asking me no dumbass questions, throwing me off of my focus and sh--," he said. "Harassing you all mother----ing day. I ain't no mother----ing celebrity."

Ye continued, trying to show the audience how normal and human he was. "I ain't no mother---ing celebrity. I ain't running for office. I ain't kissing nobody's mother----ing babies. I drop your baby and you sue me and sh--," he shouted. "I'm trying to make some music that inspires people to be the best they can be. I don't want nobody to ask nothing else of me. Don't ask nothing else of me. Mother----ers chasing you down, 'bout to make you crash and sh--, and all they want is one n---a to laugh and sh--," West said. "Hell nah, I ain't doing no mother----ing 'SNL' skits; this my goddamn life. This ain't no mother----ing joke. That's it. Stop that sh-- right there."

Kanye's literal run-in with the paparazzi recently may have sparked this rant. Ye and Kim Kardashian were confronted by photogs in LA and the producer ended up walking into a "Wrong Way" sign.

Speaking of his better half, 'Ye also reportedly performed "Awesome" (also dubbed "So Awesome" by some outlets) a song many say is dedicated to his baby mama Kim. (http://www.billboard.com/articles/columns/the-juice/1562667/kanye-west-aint-no-muthaf-in-celebrity-at-adult-swim-upfront). Billboard shared some lyrics of the track: "Cause baby you're awesome / you don't need to listen to your manager. I know you just be tired from running through my mind / can I come inside? / Cuz baby you're awesome / And I'm also awesome."