Drake's Dada Shirt On 'No New Friends' Video Set Tickles Fans


By Maurice Bobb

It’s true that clothes don’t make the man, but after Wednesday’s fashion debacle on the set of the “No New Friends” video shoot, Drake proved once again that clothes does sometimes make the man the mayor of the “Slander Zone.”

Behind the scenes photographs with Drizzy wearing a dated Dada Supreme outfit hit the Internet yesterday via Instagram and Twitter and went viral faster than it takes to do a double tap to "like" a picture on IG. The onslaught of jokes from fans and critics was unreal, with the Take Care MC receiving unprecedented amounts of backlash for rockin' the brand once endorsed by Chris Webber and Latrell Sprewell. His other suspect wardrobe choices also came into question, when a picture surfaced of him wearing white Timberland boots.

One fan, @FeministaJones, tweeted out a picture of the Toronto spitter and this comment: “Drake out here looking like the light-skint Teddy Grahams no one eats

Rembert Browne, resident pop culture savant for Grantland, chimed in with one of the evening’s most retweeted comments: “drake looks like page 132 of eastbay.”

Some fans gave Aubrey Graham a pass, citing that the story line for the song’s visuals may have lent itself to the need to highlight yesteryear’s fashions, but that only fueled the fire for some, who likened the OVO frontman’s choice of hip-hop couture to a suburban kid’s need to go too far back in time for street cred. “Drake is dressed like my 9th grade class picture,” tweeted ?@inf.

"Drake dressed like something out the back pages of Word Up!" tweeted @CraigSJ, while "The Gossip Game's" JasFly added: "I think Drake should be applauded for even finding Dada in 2013."

Questionable short suits aside, Drake is still having a great month after garnering 12 nominations for the 2013 BET Awards and announcing the lineup for his annual OVO Festival Thursday (May 16).