Boyz II Men Spin 'I'll Make Love To You'...For Old Navy Commercial

By Maurice Bobb

Boyz II Men have officially jumped the shark, again. After racking up four Grammys for their smooth-as-silk crooning back in the early ‘90’s, the R&B trio have sold their musical souls to peddle wares for Old Navy in a commercial for white jeans in which Sean Stockman, Wanye Morris and Nathan Morris sing "Love White Jeans on You” in perfect harmony to their former number-one hit single, "I'll Make Love To You.”

"I'll Make Love To You” spent 14 weeks at No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 back in 1994 and now it’s been reduced to a laughable 30-second spot for miserly fashionistas. In the clip, the Philly-bred triumvirate can be seen in all-white, on an all-white plane, singing on cue to the announcement that they are "the complimentary in-flight entertainment." Complimentary? Ouch.

Thankfully, they’re interrupted mid-"performance" by a woman bent on sharing word vomit as it pertains to her spankin' new white jeans. When Boyz II Men aren’t ''Weird Al'' Yankovic -ing themselves in spoofy commercials, they’re performing in Las Vegas as headliners for The Mirage, a show that has been rated by Billboard as "one of the Top 10 shows to see on the Strip."

The "End of the Road" singers are up for a new contract, but judging by the reception for their recent Mother’s Day show at the Terry Fator Theater Sunday (May 12), where they handed out 100 roses to Moms, they'll be cashing Vegas checks for quite a while.

“It’s been fun to do for us. We dreamed of performing here and being a part of Las Vegas shows,” Nathan Morris told the Las Vegas Sun. “We just enjoy doing what we do. It does feel good that people look at it that way, but that’s the stuff that’s extra.”