Love & Hip Hop Atlanta: Stevie J And Benzino Break Up

By Sowmya Krishnamurthy

On Monday night's (May13) episode of VH1's "Love & Hip Hop Atlanta" Scrappy and Momma Dee discuss the aftermath of the fight with Erica.

Scrappy says that he's going to do what he wants even though Momma Dee hates Erica. Scrappy and Erica then talk about the fight. She says that Dee's disrespect threw her over the edge and Scrappy didn't have her back. Scrappy says that his mother played her role but Erica was the one who went psycho on Dee. Scrappy says that Dee is a grown person and no one can tell her what to do. Erica says that that being said, she wants to delay the wedding. "This is not boyfriend and girlfriend anymore. We engaged," says Erica.

Scrappy confides in the strip club. Kirk keeps it 100 with Scrappy and says that his mother is overbearing and he needs to learn to compromise.

Joseline and her new manager Dawn discuss what a mess Stevie J is. Joseline feels trapped and confused about what to do about Stevie romantically and professionally. Stevie picks Jos up in his car and creepily asks her how she's doing. "A happy artist is a profitable artist," says Stevie and tries to butter her up by giving her her contract. He then plays her a new single that he says will make her a star. Jos gets emotional and says that she doesn't care about the single and she wants Stevie to leave her alone. Jos reveals she has feelings for Stevie and his behavior has hurt her. "I want you to make me happy," says Joseline.

So much for the conversation. Stevie and Joseline end up in bed. Joseline then mentions that Benzino has been telling the town that he smashed. Stevie is mad and says he'll talk to his friend about making up lies. Stevie and Joseline run up on Benzino and demand to know what's going on. Benzino doesn't deny the rumor and on top of that, Joseline says that Benzino Direct Messaged her at 6am on Twitter. He claims it was a business tweet. The three start yelling at each other and Joseline storms off. Stevie J isn't sure who to believe. Benzino yells at his friend for not defending him. He also says that Stevie's girls often confide in him. "She runs her mouth...she's going to get you in trouble," Benzino tells Stevie. The two end their friendship then and there.

On a happier note, K. Michelle and Mimi have a girl to girl talk. K. Michelle shares that she's having issues with her sexual prowess and she's going to see a doctor about it. Mimi rolls her eyes and says that K's just sprung on her ex. Mimi has a lot to celebrate; she's dating a new man and he's drama free.

Kirk walks up on K. Michelle at the studio to talk about her fight with Rasheeda. Kirk felt throwing a candle at Rasheeda could have injured her and she went too far. K starts yelling and says that Rasheeda has been running her mouth too much and she will fight whomever she wants to. "Fuck Rasheeda!" says K. Michelle and questions Kirk's sexuality. He threatens her back and calls K an industry hoe.

K. Michelle and Mimi then go to the doctor to investigate K's sexual dysfunction. Apparently, she can only get aroused with the help of alcohol. The doctor says that K is physically healthy and she needs to move on from her ex-boyfriend. K then reveals that she has sex dreams only about President Obama. Her doctor suggests she try eHarmony to find a man like Obama.

On the entrepreneurial front, Traci and Drew look at his new t-shirt store space. She's fine investing money in his business, but she doesn't want him to hire groupie hoes to sell shirts.

The love fest ends quickly. Traci visits Drew at home to hand him the investment check but he refuses to let her inside. Oops. Looks like Drew has company. Traci goes into the other room and points out the random chick on his couch. He tells her not to show up at his house unannounced. Traci starts yelling at the random girl and tries to fight her. "These bitches don't open their mouth! You train these bitches!" says Traci. She runs out and he follows her. She starts crying about Drew's many women. Their son called her "Megan" one time by accident. She rips up the check and tries to drive off. Drew threatens that he isn't monogamous and throws in the kicker, that if Traci doesn't give him the check, he's going on tour again.