Kendrick Lamar's 'Bitch Don't Kill My Vibe' Video Says R.I.P. To Molly

Kendrick Lamar finally premiered the visuals to accompany his hit single "Bitch Don't Kill My Vibe" on Monday (May 13) and there was an interesting message at the end of the video that probably took a little bit to sink it.

After the funeral and the celebration that followed K. Dot wrapped the video with the words "Death to Molly" flashing across the screen in white letters against the black backdrop. And that was it. There was no further explanation from Kendrick about the note, but it seems that that the bitch who actually killed his vibe was that drug named Molly.

Danny Brown thought enough about it to actually get the Twitter conversation going, "I hope this new KDot video do make people stop f---ing wit #Molly," he wrote. Since then the reactions have continued to flood in.

@ImaginaryGerald i think kendrick is tryna say molly needs to die. it explains the all white and "death to molly" i could be wrong

@Emass718 funeral service for "Molly" in that new Kendrick video #Genius

@BAMitsBshack Just saw that new Kendrick Vid for Don't Kill My Vibe. Still trying to figure what it means but I think I get it. Death to Molly

@EvanDRoberts I firmly believe that Kendrick will single handedly kill the "molly" fad.

@KT11_System In the video, Molly is the bitch that was killing Kendrick's vibe hence the funeral for it

@FiyahMuZik I was JUST about to tweet that Kendrick was basically saying his friend dying killed his vibe until "Death to Molly" flashed on the screen.

@uniqueblanquita "Death to Molly" deep message. Thank you Kendrick.

@eboneemonique "Death to Molly" - Signed, Young Kendrick.

@ghostlegz19 death to molly kendrick lamar is a genius