Mr. Cee Records Safe Sex PSA After Prostitute Arrest

By Sowmya Krishnamurthy

Following his recent arrest for allegedly soliciting a prostitute, Hot 97 personality Mr. Cee is speaking out about safe sex. In a PSA called "Hear Mr. Cee's Story," the longtime DJ (who has worked with notables including The Notorious B.I.G.) opens about about his addiction.

“I can honestly say I have an addiction,” says Cee. “And that’s something that I’m gonna have to deal with as I move forward in my life. But to all of you out there, I know there’s a lot of y’all that got y’all situations that y’all go through sexually whether it's fellas messing with two or three different women at a time...Everybody is not living a righteous lifestyle out there, even myself."

Cee goes on to tell viewers to use condoms, get HIV tested and be responsible about their sex lives.

Last week, Cee explained his arrest and said he solicited sex from an undercover female police officer around midnight in his native Brooklyn. News outlets including the NY Daily News claimed that Cee actually approached a male prostitute but Cee claims the newspaper got its facts wrong. When asked point-blank by his colleagues on the Cipha Sounds and Rosenberg Morning Show about his sexuality, Cee responded, "I am not gay...They tried to turn it around and say the female officer was a male officer. It was a sting operation.”

Cee was also charged in 2011 for engaging with a male prostitute. When asked about his prior bad act during the interview, Cee claimed he pled guilty to avoid lengthy court battles. After pleading guilty, the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office confirmed that Cee was to complete three months of unspecified counseling (12 sessions in total).