Chief Keef Joins Gucci Mane On Brick Squad: Is It A Good Move?


By Sowmya Krishnamurthy

This week, Gucci Mane added Chief Keef to his Brick Squad roster. On Wednesday (May 8) the Atlanta rapper announced his new comrade in a tweet , "Chief Keef newest member of Bricksquad 1017 bmg gbe mpa. Keef responded by posting Gucci's photo on his Instagram account with "#WhatTimeItIs?1017." The "I Don't Like" rapper is currently signed to Interscope Records via his own label Glory Boyz Entertainment, while Gucci is signed to Warner Bros, so the details of the new partnership are still vague.

This pan-regional alliance could potentially prove positive for Keef, as Gucci is far more established as an artist. Aside from a slew of albums, Gucci even appeared on the big screen in "Spring Breakers" this year. If anyone can introduce Keef to "Spring Breakers" cast mates James Franco and Selena Gomez, and introduce him to Hollywood, it's Gucci. Furthermore, now that Gucci has severed ties with his other protege, Waka Flocka Flame, he can focus his efforts solely on promoting Keef musically and beyond.

On the other hand, both Keef and Gucci have been riddled with legal issues as of late, which could be worsened if they work together. Gucci recently spent time behind bars, following an arrest for allegedly assaulting a fan. A U.S. Army soldier claimed Gucci hit him on the head with a champagne bottle when he approached him at a nightclub. Gucci turned himself in after a warrant was issued for his arrest. Waka had some choice words about the situation. "I greet fans; he punches fans. It's a difference," he said during an appearance on "RapFix Live."

Keef is no stranger to legal strife either. Earlier this year, the young rapper was put in a juvenile detention center after a probation violation for brandishing a gun. The 90-day sentence stemmed from Finally Rich rapper showing off a firearm during an interview. He was under probation for pointing a gun at a police officer prior. Even after release, Keef has not been able to put the firearms down and he loves to show off his steel on social media of all places.

Late last month, Keef was seen on Instagram flexing three iPhones and a very big gun. Days earlier, he was pointing guns at fans on Instagram during a trip to Paris.

Bad behavior influences more bad behavior, which neither needs right now given his legal standing. Their respective probations could be revoked or even worse. Either way, not a good look. We'll just have to hope for the best and wait and see how this new partnership fares.

Do you think the GBE/Brick Squad alliance will help or hurt Gucci and Keef's careers?

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