Eminem Working With Chris Rock On New Album?


By Sowmya Krishnamurthy

The studio makes for strange friends. Eminem and Chris Rock may be collaborating on a new track. The comedian tweeted a photo of himself while Em was recording a few days ago. "In the studio with Em don't sleep," Rock shared (via RR).

Chris has long been a friend of rappers. In 2010, he lent a funny skit to Kanye's "Blame Game" on My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. In 1999, he famously made a comedy rap music video for "No Sex (In the Champagne Room)" from his "Bigger & Blacker" special. Last year, Chris explained to Sway his recording process with Ye. "Everybody was in the studio with black suits and ties...He set up a mood," said Chris. "You knew he was going to be there...When you talk to him, he's LIVING IT. He's immersed in it."

Eminem has been seen in flicks with other rappers as of late too. Last month, Big Sean shared a photo posing with Slim Shady. "Today was historical," Sean captioned an Instagram photo where he stood side-by-side with Em. It was unclear from the context of the photo as to what the two were working on, but many speculated Em was gracing Sean's sophomore album Hall of Fame.