Mac Miller Watches 'The Notebook' With The Sound Off And Guesses Lines

By Rob Markman

Watching a movie with Mac Miller sounds like a good time, but catching a silent flick with Mac is even better. With Miller’s upcoming June 18 album Watching Movies with the Sound Off we thought it’d be fun to watch some of our favorite films, without the sound and have Mac fill in the rest. First up is "The Notebook."

Now we don’t know if the Most Dope general has ever seen the Nick Cassavetes love fest, or if he just has a bad memory, but we’re pretty sure Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams weren’t arguing about bad sexual practice and Gosling’s role in "Drive."

"No, don’t you leave Ryan Gosling, you gotta be a big star because you’re gonna be in ‘Drive’ one day and everyone is gonna love it but no one is going to understand what happened and why you didn’t speak for the first 30 minutes of the movie," Miller said, trying his best to fill in Rachel McAdams’ blanks.

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