Mac Miller Gets Nude For Watching Movies With The Sound Off Album Cover


Mac Miller's sophomore album Watching Movies With the Sound Off is due on June 18 and the cover art finds the Pittsburgh rapper sitting at a table against a red backdrop, without a single shred of clothing—unless you count his tattoos as cover ups. The “Parental Advisory” sticker on the album cover is strategically placed over his private parts…which parents will surely appreciate.

When Mac previewed a few tracks from his album for the MTV staff a couple weeks back he joked that his mom Karen Meyers (who is actually a photographer) shot the cover, but we’re sure it was all in jest. In terms of the actual album content, he tells MTV News that he wants fans to have zero expectations for the project.

"I really don't wanna say anything [about the album] because expectations are the worst things in the world for people," he said. "It ruins their state of mind when they listen to music, so I don't wanna say anything. Just expect nothing." But, they can look forward to hearing his production on the LP.

"On Blue Slide Park, the core of the album was everything that me and Jeremy [Kulousek] and Eric Dan did, so we would sit and make the songs from scratch but they would handle the production," he explained. "The only difference with this one is, I said, 'You know what? It's time for me to step in and try this.' "