Wade Robson's Lawsuit Against Michael Jackson Is 'Unbelievable,' Omarion Says

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By Maurice Bobb

Who’s bad? Michael Jackson, if famed choreographer Wade Robson is to be believed. Robson, who has helped music’s biggest acts choreograph their music video and live performances and has appeared on TV’s “So You Think You Can Dance,” is suing the King of Pop’s estate for “childhood sexual abuse” four years after the late icon’s death and eight years after testifying in Jackson’s molestation trial that the Thriller singer never touched him inappropriately. Omarion has some thoughts on the matter.

TMZ caught up with Omarion, who considers MJ a hero, and asked for his take on the lawsuit.  “He’s suing Mike? The person that’s dead? The legend? That’s messed up, man,” Maybach O said. “I can’t believe it. I can’t believe he would sue a dead man. That’s unbelievable. I don’t like it.”

Back in 2005, Jackson was found not guilty of multiple counts of abusing a 13-year old cancer survivor. Despite a housekeeper’s testimony that she saw Jackson showering with Robson, the 30-year old dancer testified under oath that he was never molested by Jackson while he stayed at the Neverland Ranch as a kid. In fact, when he was questioned by Jackson’s attorney Thomas A. Mesereau Jr. about whether or not he’d been molested, he replied “absolutely not” and “I think it’s ridiculous.”

Robson has since recanted his testimony, according to legal documents, claiming that his “repressed memory” kept him from filing any claims against MJ initially. Howard Weitzman, attorney for the Jackson Estate, shot down the choreographer’s claims as “outrageous and pathetic.”

In light of that, the MMG crooner thinks Robson’s lawsuit is a desperate money grab. “Maybe he’s in a position like he’s needing some extra change or something like that. I don’t know,” he said. “But I just think it’s whack.”