Love & Hip Hop Atlanta: K. Michelle And Rasheeda Fight

By Sowmya Krishnamurthy

On last night's (May 6) episode of VH1's "Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta," fighting was in the air. We find out that since last season, Karlie Redd and Rasheeda still hate K. Michelle. Karlie even records a diss record directed at K. Michelle, which Rasheeda happily cosigns and says she may jump on.

Scrappy tells Erica about Momma Dee's master plan of hooking him back up with Shay. Erica is not having it. The couple realize they need a real conversation with Momma Dee to tell her to stop meddling. Scrappy puts his foot down. "It's real f---ery," he says. Momma Dee claims she ran into Shay on the street and apologizes. Scrappy then forces Dee to have a sit down at a joint dinner party. What's on the menu? Foolery.

Mimi invites the girls to her new housewarming but mistakenly invites K. Michelle and Rasheeda (under the same roof). The tension can be cut with a knife. The two barely acknowledge each other but then start cutting each other. K. Michelle claims Rasheeda talked about her on Instagram while Rasheeda says K was popping off on the blogs. Rasheeda storms off but now before K says something about Kirk's "three earrings." Guess this is too much and blows are thrown. K even throws a candle at Rasheeda. Luckily, the show's security is on-hand to stop an all-out cat fight. Mimi tries to make sense of it afterwards, but Rasheeda says flatly, "We ain't ever gonna be friends!" K says the same thing. "That bitch is ghost," she says.

Rasheeda and Kirk talk about the fight and Kirk denies that his four earrings (not three) are not representative of his sexuality. Kirk says that he has to address the issue because it's gotten physical.

Mimi has her own issues to deal with with Stevie J. The two are fighting over custody of their daughter but Stevie wants to know where Mimi lives. Stevie then asks Mimi if she's seeing anybody and then tries to flex his muscles to see if her new boo has a body like his. Stevie then says he'll stalk her down and asks for a kiss. She denies him.

Joseline does a show and yells at Stevie for showing up looking "like Malcolm X" with thick glasses. Stevie asks for his cut but Joseline says that her homegirl set the gig up so she won't pay him. They walk away from Stevie and he's hopping mad. Joseline and Karlie Redd talk about their love lives. Karlie says that Benzino is trying to smash and is claiming he smashed Joseline. Jos is disgusted and says she only smashes men with necks. Hilarious.

Scrappy's dinner party, which also includes Erica's momma, turns into disaster. Neither mama is feeling the relationship. Erica's mother claims Scrappy cheated on her recently while Erica says Momma Dee doesn't know her place. Yelling ensues. Scrappy tells Dee to stop calling Erica a "bitch." More yelling. Dee says that if she was Dracula she'd sink her fangs into Erica. Erica goes HAM and gets physical with Scrappy. After the melee, Scrappy tells Erica to "take that ring off." Security has to keep the guests separated. Scrappy and Dee stand outside the house until Erica gives back her engagement ring. *Cue crickets*