Mister Cee Says 'I Am Not Gay': Hip-Hop Community Reacts


By Maurice Bobb

Hot 97’s DJ Mister Cee is known for spinning the latest and greatest records in hip-hop, but lately, he’s been spinning in his own web of public humiliation. The legendary turntablist, who broke some of rap’s biggest acts, including the Notorious B.I.G., took to the airwaves Monday (May 6) to tell listeners his side of the story concerning his arrest last week after allegedly soliciting an undercover police officer posing as a prostitute.

Numerous outlets reported that the solicited prostitute was male, so the disc jockey, born Calvin Lebrun, directly refuted those claims on air.

“I am not gay,” Mister Cee told program director Ebro Darden on the station’s morning show. "They tried to turn it around and say the female officer was a male officer. It was a sting operation.”

According to his account, Mister Cee was approached by an undercover female officer as he pulled his car over in Brooklyn to make a telephone call. Cee claimed he then declined an offer of sex from the officer. A NYPD could not confirm whether or not the police officer in question was in fact female, but did reveal that the radio personality was formally charged with patronizing a prostitute in the third degree.

Despite the former Big Daddy Kane DJ’s adamant claims that the officer was female, rumors abound that this incident, combined with 2011’s charge of engaging a male prostitute named “Brook-Lyne,” proves that when it comes to sex, he prefers the company of men.

"Let's say if I'm lying, that's my choice," Cee said. "If I'm lying and I chose not to come out, that's my choice."

After a heated discussion with Ebro, Mister Cee elected to place himself on voluntary leave from the station.

"I'ma suspend myself, I'ma take myself off the radio,” Cee said. “I'ma take some time off and I'ma suspend myself."

Not surprisingly, listeners had quite a bit to say about the interview and, of course, Mister Cee.

@QtipTheAbstract “Never be ashamed to be who you are just be honest with yourself.”

@RikkiMartinez “I'd like to thank Mister Cee for all he's done for our genre & culture. Remember who brought you Biggie before you ridicule the man Hip Hop.”

@Aqua174 “Straight people think Mister Cee is buggin. Gay people think Mr. Cee is buggin. L's all around.”

@claudiajordan “Dang! Not again Mister Cee. Can't be an accident if it's a habit.. just saying!”

@Who_Is_Walter “Mister Cee said if I am Lying I'm flying but it is my Choice to Fly when I lie. Gone Head Mister Cee. Tell them to mind their business!”

@Heavybag201 “Damn mister Cee. You sounded mad gay Dipping those gay questions.”

@IWishIGAF “This Hot 97 interview with Mister Cee is so homophobic.”

@necieDIMPLE “So Mister Cee's direct quote was "I am not gay." Chillleeeee....”

@flowsicka “Damn i'm late but wtf is wrong with Mister Cee getting caught with a tranney not once but twice lol how can u explain that ?? ????????????”

@youngheartbreak “I'm not here to judge Hot 97's Mister Cee. His Sexual preference does NOT matter to me. I just want him to be real with who he is...”

@chocoteddybear “Mister Cee, who are you kidding? Be for real, man.”

@LL_Cool_D “Wow Mister Cee's interview was crazy and he def a liar he a undercover brother just say it bro it's not that serious.”

@DaSaga_HR “If Mister Cee was smart he should admit to being gay. He can make so much more money being known as the gay dj! The gay community spends $$!”

@Sparksism “This Mister Cee interview is sad yo. my mans needs to just get his chris collins on and come out the closet lol.”

@Momsmadeeasy “Addicted to prostitution???? Jesus take the wheel! Mister Cee I wish you wud have thought this out better. #speechless.”

Do you think Mister Cee effectively defended his actions and his sexuality?

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