Kreayshawn Announces Pregnancy On Instagram


Here's an interesting way to announce that you're pregnant. Kreayshawn took to Instagram this week to explain to fans why they've only been seeing portions of her in recent photographs, and who could've predicted the explanation?

"Everyone's been wondering why all my pics have been neck up. WELL here's a neck down one! IM GONNA BE A MOM! (Im pregnant)," she wrote, accompanied by a photo of her stomach. "Thankz again for all the luv today! V much appreciated! I feel so guuuud now," she then added on Twitter, seeming relived to get the news out. "Motherhood is bout to be my new hood! LOL!!"

The Oakland rapper dropped her debut album Something 'Bout Kreay in September, telling MTV News at the time, "My main goal was to have every song inspired by a different genre of music, so every song sounds incredibly different. They all sound drastically different and I think the album's gonna reflect that. It's like a musical adventure I guess — it's just me showing my music knowledge and having fun."