Lil Wayne Explains Gumbo On 'The Show With Vinny' Premiere

By Carolyn Amurao

Lil Wayne was the very first guest on Vinny Guadagnino’s new television series, “The Show with Vinny,” a sort of hybrid reality/talk show which premiered on MTV Thursday night (May 2). The Young Money rapper visited the “Jersey Shore” castmate’s Staten Island home to talk about tattoos, his clothing line, and skateboarding. But Vinny’s interview didn’t start until his mother served up an Italian meal and tried to figure out what gumbo is.

“What’s gumbo?” she asked as soon as Wayne said that he’s from New Orleans. Weezy explained that there are different types of the dish such as seafood gumbo. “So it’s like stew,” she said, to which the rapper replied, “Exactly.”

So now that everyone knew what gumbo was, Vinny had the clear to pick Wayne’s brain. Wearing one of his own shirts, Weezy discussed his most meaningful tattoo, the story behind his clothing line Trukfit (which stands for “the reason you kill for it”), and why he got into skateboarding.

“It looked so fun… something in me said ‘I wanna do it, and I wanna do it right now. So I made a phone call and I was like, yo, I want a ramp built on my roof right now,” he said, adding that he had never picked up a skateboard in his entire life. “In the hood where I’m from, it’ ain’t cool to have a skateboard.”

Vinny then invited his guest to an indoor skate park in Staten Island called 5050. Wayne, aka “John” according to Vinny’s “crazy” Uncle Nino, went up and down the ramps and even offered the host some skate tips. Vinny struggled to stay on his board while “John” seemed to enjoy what was probably one of his more unconventional show appearances. “Look at me, there’s no other talk show that can get this,” the rapper said, pointing to his perspiring face. “I don’t care what question you ask me I’m not gonna sweat like this.”