Beyonce's Tour Rider Has Items We Didn't Know Existed


By Henna Kathiya

We already know that Beyonce has banned professional photography on her Mrs. Carter World Tour, but now a leaked tour rider with a list of quirky demands is tickling the Internets.

Beyonce is essentially royalty so it doesn’t seem all that surprising that the pop diva has some special requirements when she is away from home. There are some pretty odd requests ranging from $900 dollars’ worth of titanium straws to only using red toilet paper. And besides the red toilet paper, Bey requests that she get a new toilet seat at every event. Who wouldn’t want a brand new toilet seat everywhere? We hear you on that one B.

The $900 dollars’ worth of titanium drinking straws seems a little much but knowing Beyonce there’s a rhyme and reason for everything. The straws are apparently used to drink special alkaline water at exactly 21 degrees.

Other details leaked from the rider include things like requiring everyone on the crew to wear 100 percent cotton at all times to ensure Beyonce doesn’t have an allergic reaction and only off-white walls for her dressing room. She also requests that she have a hand-carved ice ball to suck on after performances to soothe her throat- her pipes have to be tired after belting out song after song.

Bey, being the face of the “Let’s Move” Campaign banned all junk food from her tour and asked that only almonds, oatcakes and green-only crudités be served. A healthier crew is a happier crew right?

The rumor mill is buzzing over these wacky demands and saying that it rivals the likes of Madonna and Mariah Carey but we still love you B.