Nicki Minaj Offers Mariah Carey...A Q-Tip On 'American Idol'

By Carolyn Amurao

On last night’s (May 1) episode of “American Idol,” Nicki Minaj offered up her usual compliments, critiques and...Q-tips? That’s right; Minaj wanted fellow judge Mariah Carey to “clean them ears out” after the two divas disagreed over Angie Miller’s performance of “Someone to Watch Over Me.”

Minaj told Miller, one of the final four girls vying for a spot in the finals, that her “body transforms” when she hits the high notes. She recommended that the contestant make smoother transitions. “Every time you do your higher notes you get into instantly,” she said to Miller. “It’s like your face, it’s like your body transforms. So just get to the beginning to there—just stay in it.”

Mariah seemed to disagree with this comment. “We can’t expect everything to be at the top of your register,” she said. “There has to be a build. So I must disagree with certain members of the panel that every moment’s got to be at the top…”

When Carey said “every moment,” Nicki’s brows furrowed as she looked misunderstood. “That’s not what I said…you need to clean your ears out,” she said. But Mariah continued with the rest of her critique, ignoring Nicki and prompting the highlight of the dispute. Nicki pulled a Q-tip out of her cosmetic bag (which was conveniently on hand) and tried handing it to singer. “Let me give you a Q-tip so you can clean them ears,” she said.

Then, as if addressing children, Ryan Seacrest walked over to the panel and warned, “Somebody’s gonna go to the corner. We got to get through this show okay, girls.” To end on a lighter tone, Ryan confirmed if they were all still on for dinner that night. Laughing, they said ‘yes.’

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