Kanye West Reveals Album Release Date?


Or something? Because what would be the point of giving any specific details? Kanye West recently took some time to wipe his Twitter account clean, so maybe he's ready for a fresh start on social media and that begins with news that he will be dropping something on June 18.

In one stand-a-lone tweet on Thursday morning he wrote, "June Eighteen" and nothing else. We might be expecting too much here, but wouldn't it be wonderful if that was his album release date? He's set to close the current season of "Saturday Night Live" with a performance on May 18, which means that a new single is due any minute now.

For your normal artist, dropping a project with just over a month's notice seems a little rushed, but these rules don't apply to Kanye, who previewed the album at the Def Jam offices in New York City recently. Members of Daft Punk also got an earful in Paris a few weeks back, telling Rolling Stone that 'Ye recorded vocals over drum beats they crafted for him, adding that, "It was very raw: he was rapping — kind of screaming primally, actually."