Love & Hip Hop Atlanta: Mimi Moves Out After Stevie J And Joseline Fight

Monday night (April 29) on VH1's "Love & Hip Hop Atlanta," Stevie J, Joseline and Mimi deal with the fall out from last week's fight. Stevie ends up in Joseline's bed, but Joseline is not happy and she's tired of Mimi's antics.

"Joseline Hernandez ain't got time for that," she says and breaks up with Stevie. The producer then warns her that if she tries to leave, her career might be over, and gives her the creepy badger face. Joseline reveals that she never read her contract with Stevie and she's worried if he owns her career without her knowledge. Stevie refuses to give her the contract. "Do I own you? Yes" says Stevie. Joseline says that she's going to withhold his commission until she sees the paperwork.

Mimi is reeling after the fight and confides in K. Michelle. K is not buying it and tells Mimi that the madness needs to end. Mimi says she's over it and there's nothing more she can give Stevie J. In a show of independence, Mimi buys a new apartment of her own.

Erica and Scrappy talk about their relationship and how their overbearing mamas are becoming too much. Scrappy says he's open to talking to Erica's mother and then asks for a foot massage. Momma Dee and Shay are not feeling the domestic bliss. "I have to guide my son," says Dee and tells Shay that she can hook the two former lovers right back together. She invites Shay to come to the studio and see Scrappy. Shay tearfully puts it out on the line and says that Scrappy's engagement shocked her. Scrappy apologizes and says that if he could do it over again, he would've talked to Shay beforehand. Unfortunately, Shay is still in love with the dog.

We meet new cast member Traci who is a DJ on 107.9 in Atlanta. Traci has a son by Big Drew aka Chris Brown's DJ, who she doesn't like (because he cheated on her too many times including when she was pregnant) but she's open to co-parenting with him. "It's not my fault I'm handsome!" says Big Drew. Traci is tired that her baby daddy is running around and bringing his hoes around their son. Big Drew denies that he dates hoes and says that he's working on being a better person. Drew then says that he needs Traci's help in launching his new sneaker boutique and he wants $25,000 from her as an investment. Traci says that she's tired of investing in Drew and seeing hoes benefiting from her money. She is open to considering it if that will keep Drew in Atlanta.

Stevie and Benzino have one of their famous sit downs. Benzino tells Stevie that he needs to stop being flighty and change his ways. Apparently, Benzino and Stevie were in a band and the producer abandoned the band for Joseline. Benzino tells Stevie he can't stay with him and needs to make amends with Mimi. Stevie tries to apologize with roses but Mimi is so over it.

"I think I need to just move," she says. Stevie accuses Mimi of using him only when the money was good. Stevie threatens that he can find Mimi in her new home and gives her the infamous, "You'll be back." As Mimi drives away, the producers physically have to hold Stevie J down from flipping out.