Kim Kardashian Look-Alike Stars In Ray J’s ‘I Hit It First’ Video


By Henna Kathiya

Despite Ray J vehemently denying that his new single “I Hit It First” is about Kim Kardashian, his new video to accompany the track proves what we all already knew.

Besides his lyrics referencing Kim’s dating history and subtle jabs at Kanye, the girl in the video is basically a Kim K doppleganger. The full video (via TMZ ) is full of references to Kim with lines like, "She might move on to rappers and ball players/But we all know I hit it first.” He even directly references Yeezy rapping , "I hit it north with her ass going south, but now baby chose to go west."

We aren’t exactly sure why Ray J recorded the single--there’s no denying what went down between him and Kim K since there's video proof of that, but at least the video is fairly entertaining. Very subtle Ray J. Check out the clip above.