Lauryn Hill Confirms Sony Deal, Addresses Financial Woes

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By Sidney Madden

On the heels of debt reports last year, Lauryn Hill has signed a new record deal with Sony Worldwide Entertainment. The soulful Fugees front woman released an open letter via Tumblr disclosing details about the agreement and aiming to clear the air on her financial woes.

In the letter, Hill confirmed the Sony deal and, to the joy of waiting fans, announced that she will be working on new music under the label. In her classic introspective fashion, Hill wrote, “It took years for me to get out of the ‘parasitic’ dynamic of my youth, and into a deal that better reflects my true contribution as an artist, and (purportedly) gives me the control necessary to create a paradigm suitable for my needs.”

As for her current fiscal situation, Hill described the $968,000 in back taxes she owes as “a completely complicated set of traps, manipulations, and inequitable business arrangements."

The U.S. Attorney District of New Jersey charged Hill with three counts of failing to file tax returns in 2005, 2006, and 2007. The 37-year-old could face jail time for her tax evasion, but with announcement of this new deal, her lawyers are reportedly confident that she will be able to repay her debts before the May 6th sentencing.

Read her full letter here.