Drake Surprises Candice Glover On 'American Idol,' Chills With Nicki

Drake made a cameo on Thursday night's (April 25) episode of "American Idol" to surprise contestant Candice Glover, who delivered a rendition of his hit "Find Your Love" on the previous show. He didn't perform or anything, but we hope the producers at "Idol" hooked Nicki Minaj up with an extra gift basket or something, for having him come through.

Glover had a chance to meet the Toronto rapper last year and vowed that she would earn the chance to cover his music on "Idol." And so she did, with a down tempo remix of "Find Your Love," that the judges weren't really feeling, except for Nicki who offered to get Drake's personal feedback. That's Nicki showing the "Idol" audience that her connections ain't no joke. A phone call is all it takes.

Drake hung around for a bit after the whole surprise thing, even sitting on the judging panel with Nicki and co.  Too bad "Idol" can't land him as a perma-judge, that'd help with the ratings boost they're apparently seeking so desperately.