Chief Keef Shows Off 3 iPhones And 1 Gun, But Why?

Chief Keef In Concert

By Sowmya Krishnamurthy

You can never have too many iPhones. Rapper Chief Keef apparently has three iPhones and guards them with one very large gun. The "I Don't Like" rapper posted a photo on Instagram today of his technology stash and weaponry, despite his obvious legal troubles.

Fans on Instagram were left scratching their heads by the strange photo. "What could you possibly need that many iPhone 5s for?" asked one in the comments. A more concerned fan warned Keef of the repercussions of posting a photo of a gun. "Sosa don't put sh-- up like this the Feds be watching" and another said, "Chief keef your about to get arrested. Your on probation."

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Just days ago, Keef shared photos of his trip to Paris online along with several gun photos, including one of Sosa pointing a gun directly at the camera and smiling.

These photos are ironic given Keef's recent legal run-ins for weapons possession. Keef was recently admitted to a juvenile detention facility because he was carrying a gun in a Pitchfork interview, which was a direct violation of an earlier 18-month probation sentence for pointing a gun at a police officer. The buzzy newcomer completed his 60-day sentence at a Chicago juvenile detention facility. Family and friends greeted him upon his release.