Mac Miller’s ‘S.D.S’ Video: Five Best Still Shots

By Henna Kathiya

Mac Miller has been gearing up for the release of his sophomore album Watching Movies With The Sound Off and his new video for the single “S.D.S” (Somebody Do Something) has the Pittsburgh rapper donning a cape and a fanny pack to fight evil. With a goggle-wearing dog sidekick and an evil villain played by former child actor Corey Feldman, this video is definitely one for those with a sense of humor.  Check out the five best stills from the video after the jump.

Mad Scientist

All superpowers have to come from somewhere right? In this case Mac gains his powers after mixing a few concoctions in his lab. He’s got the whole “mad scientist” look going on with a lab coat and quirky glasses. If this is just the beginning, it promises that the rest of the video will have plenty to look forward to.


In the Club: Superhero Style

You can’t really be a superhero without a costume and Mac Miller’s rendition of the look is hilarious. A patterned onsie with S.D.S emblazoned on it and googles complete his look, and let’s not forget that bright orange fanny pack. A superhero has to keep his things somewhere right? The image of him being fawned on by a bunch of models in that outfit is pretty great since nothing screams sex appeal like a neon orange fanny pack.


Red Dot’s Lair

Of course, if there’s a villain, there has to be a lair not too far off. Red Dot’s lair has all the usual evil fixings, a lot of gadgets, a huge fire, and a cage to keep his victims. In this case he managed to snag one of the models and ties up Mac, then  celebrates by doing a little dance.


Air Travel

When Mac finally manages to free himself they don’t just fight, but they actually dance battle it out and that's spliced with footage of him flying across the city skyline. Hey, he is a superhero after all.


Red Dot Dies

The most satisfying end to any superhero story is watching the villain fall into a hole of fiery death and the hero walking away with the girl. S.D.S’ mission was a success.


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