Candice Glover Covers Drake's 'Find Your Love' On 'American Idol'

By Sowmya Krishnamurthy

The "American Idol" finals on Wednesday night (April 24) got a hip-hop twist when singer Candice Glover performed her own version of Drake's "Find Your Love." Candice, who met Drake last year and told him she would eventually be on the singing competition, gave the love song a down-tempo makeover with piano accompaniment.

Despite Candice's attempts, the judges were not feeling her remix and felt that it aged her too much. Randy Jackson criticized Candice for being too much of a so-called "church singer." Drake's friend and YMCMB colleague Nicki Minaj said she would ask Drake's feedback to share during the next show but then asked Candice who her audience was. Only Mariah Carey seemed to like it. "You can sing everything... This was risky but you still did it," she said.

Fans on Twitter were more supportive. "Loving Candice's version of Find Your Love. Who would have thought of singing Drake's Find Your Love on American Idol? Love her musicality!," said one. Another threw in, "This girl singing Find Your Love by Drake on American Idol is killin it right nowww."

Drake himself did not tweet about the performance.

Off-stage, American Idol is having its own drama. This week it was reported that Mariah Carey might be replaced by Jennifer Lopez as a judge...again. According to the Hollywood Reporter, AI producers are so desperate for better ratings than this season has brought in that they are considering J. Lo. They claimed that unnamed "knowledgeable" sources say Carey's team responded with the threat of legal action, but producers are still thinking of inviting J. Lo back for the show's May finale.

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