Love & Hip Hop Atlanta: Joseline, Stevie J Call Mimi A 'Maid'

The second season of "Love & Hip Hop Atlanta" premiered on Monday night (April 22) on VH1 and the show immediately kicked off with Stevie J, Mimi Faust and Joseline Hernandez's odd storyline picking right up where it left off last time.

In the opening scene viewers are appalled to find Mimi in bed with Stevie once again, saying that the sleepover was just to support their daughter. It doesn't take too long before Joseline enters the picture and all hell breaks loose, and calling Mimi a "maid" probably didn't help things out at all.

Stevie and Joseline are having their own issues outside of Mimi, as Joseline visits Benzino's radio show and decides to publicly announce that she's single, which only sends Stevie running right back to her with fur coat gifts. They eventually make up and by the end of the episode when Stevie gets into a physical altercation with Mimi (during which she bites him!) he even has the nerve to use Joseline's insult, calling her a maid.

"She cleans houses!" Joseline told MTV News, when asked about the insult. "I'm a singer, hip-hop artist and a rapper so I don't clean. I pay people to come clean for me. When she calls me a prostitute and a stripper, I don't get upset, I embrace it. So embrace you being a maid. He called her a maid too, but he knows what's up — she a maid!"

In terms of the never-ending love triangle, Joseline didn't seem to be too upset about the whole thing. "He's the same person all the time with me and I don't really pay attention to what Stevie does for the show, because outside of the show we have bigger plans," she said, when asked if she's offended by the different stories he spins to her and Mimi. "He's my manager and he makes me a lot of money so I'm not really tripping about what he talks about to his baby mama. I shouldn't even be in their conversation."

Elsewhere in the episode, K. Michelle confronts Ariane about sleeping with her ex, and eventually they made up. While Scrappy and Erica are now engaged, but Shay isn't out of the picture just yet.