French Montana Gets High, Purchases Baby Tigers


By Sowmya Krishnamurthy

French Montana is upping the ante on rapper accessories. The "Pop That" rapper shared with fans on Instagram that he went on a drug-induced shopping spree and purchased two baby tigers.

"Got so high last night bought 2 baby tigers," French shared with a photo of himself double-fisting tiger cubs. He also put up a pic of himself with manager Gaby and Bad Boy President Harve Pierre with the new tigers.

French has always been fond of animal and animal accessories. Last year, he visited "RapFix Live" wearing his famous bear hat. "I just got it. It was kind of like a statement," he explained and drew a parallel between being in the cutthroat music industry to surviving a run-in with a bear. French mentioned that he may wear the bear hat during sex.

When he's not wrestling with tigers, French is hard at work promoting his debut Excuse My French (May 21 release). He recently shared with MTV Hive that he's also in the studio with new buddy Miley Cyrus. “Yeah. We working on something now,” he said. “That’s just cool peoples.” When asked about how the strange duo came about, French said: “That’s my dog. That’s my peoples. We became friends at the Clive Davis Grammy party. I was sitting there with Puff. She was sitting there with Wiz [Khalifa]. She just kept looking at me laughing, I kept on looking at her laughing. I said, “What you laughing at?” She said, “I know you high like me.” After that, we became mad cool. I went over to the studio, just kicking it.”