'Love & Hip Hop Atlanta' Recap: Get Ready For Season 2 Premiere

(Joseline on her love triangle with Stevie J and Mimi)

By Sowmya Krishnamurthy

"Love & Hip Hop Atlanta" returns for a new season on VH1 Monday night (April 22) and if you need a quick refresher course before the drama kicks off again, we've got you covered.

Last season on "Love & Hip Hop Atlanta," everyone talked about the love triangle between producer Stevie J, his artist Joseline and his longtime girlfriend Mimi. The three fought like crazy as Stevie was torn between his wife and his jumpoff. In the end, it looked like Joseline won and Mimi had had enough.

Tonight's season two premiere promises to keep the drama going from where we left off. Mimi says she is over with Stevie J and is cleaning house. "The best is yet to come," the single mother says. She may have spoken too soon though. Mimi recounts that she slept over at Stevie's house (to be close to their daughter) while Joseline storms into the bedroom like a crazy woman. "She feels kind of threatened by you," says Stevie. Here we go again!

Erica and Lil Scrappy also faced challenges in their long-term relationship last season. From lack of passion to Scrappy's too-close friendship with Shay and his overbearing Mama Dee, the two were on, then off and then engaged during the reunion show. The couple is planning a wedding this season, but the rapper's lavish spending is deterring it. "My swag is on 10," says Scrappy. Shay is still in the picture and in love with Scrappy. She confides in Mama Dee, who feels "betrayed" by the engagement.

Last season, K. Michelle struggled with kickstarting her singing career after alleged domestic abuse at the hands of her former boyfriend/industry mentor. Not everyone bought K's story, especially Rasheeda who had a friendship with K's ex. The singer seems more at peace now as she records her new album with Warner Bros. Records.

Ariane, who barely spoke last season, seems to have a bigger role this time around. We find out that Ariane and K. Michelle hate each other because Ariane slept with K's ex boyfriend. Whaaat?

Karlie Redd had her own issues, trying to become a singer while dating former rapper Benzino. For a split second it looked like these two might make it, but their fauxmance unraveled during the reunion and Karlie claimed Zino was cheating on her the same night he proposed. Benzino is now a radio DJ.

Mimi and Stevie end the episode with...wait for it...a fight. You'll just have to tune in to see how it plays out.