Jay-Z, Beyonce, Andre 3000 Snippets From 'Great Gatsby' Soundtrack Leak

By Maurice Bobb

Baz Luhrmann’s film "The Great Gatsby" may have Leonardo Dicaprio as its leading man, but it’s Jay-Z, the executive producer of the film’s soundtrack who is making the most noise, figuratively and literally. After dropping his first solo song in nearly a year last week with “Open Letter,” Hov is back with another, “100$ Bill,” one of the 14 songs from the soundtrack, which is due out on May 7.

Fans will have to wait a bit for the full version of the track, but a 90-second snippet hit the Internet Monday (April 22), and from the chopped and screwed sound of it, the Roc Nation Sports agent, who also helped to score the movie, is back to doing what he does best: boasting and toasting to his enormous success.

The "No Church in the Wild" MC keeps up the opulent heme so expertly displayed on his joint LP with Kanye West, Watch the Throne, on this one, rhyming that he’s “Carter, new Kennedy, no ordinary Joe, you will remember me/no prohibition for my coalition, Colin Powell, general admission,” before adding another politically-charged rant, “dollars fall on the skin, some might call it sin, politicians all move for the money, what the hell we callin’ them?”

Jigga’s not just channeling Kennedy, though. He’s also unabashed like Malcolm and smooth like Marvin, spitting, “You all welcome, new Malcolm, of the talcum, by any means, AK looking out the window screen, uh/Let’s get it on new Marvin, you wanna become my hundredth problem, semi-automatic or revolve him, semi-automatic I’ll solve ‘em.”

Keeping it in the family, Beyonce also adds to the excitement with a snippet of her collaboration with Andre 3000, “Back to Black,” which is a cover of Amy Winehouse’s song of the same title. Mr. Three Stacks sings this time around, crooning, “I know a hundred times I go back to her,” before the Queen of the BeyHive adds her sultry vocals, however briefly, before the teaser ends.

In addition to Jay, Bey and Andre 3000, the project will also feature songs by will.i.am, Lana Del Rey, Fergie and Q-Tip.