Chief Keef Shows Off His Guns In Paris

Chief Keef In Concert

By Sowmya Krishnamurthy

Chief Keef continues to stir up controversy. The "Love Sosa" rapper recently took a trip to Paris, and in addition to posting photos of himself at tourist spots like the Eiffel Tower, Keef shared several pictures brandishing weapons on his Instagram.

One photo shows the rapper literally pointing a gun at the camera, with a gun emoticon while one shows someone (presumably Keef) with a huge gun on his lap and the caption " #TheyReadyBangBang." Another photo has a masked man holding two guns with the caption "#Squad," pointing to a member of Keef's entourage most likely.

These photos are especially shocking given Keef's recent legal run-ins for weapons possession. Just a month ago, Keef was admitted to a juvenile detention facility because he was carrying a gun in a Pitchfork interview, a direct violation of an earlier 18-month probation sentence for pointing a gun at a police officer.


After completing his 60-day sentence, the Finally Rich rapper was released. Family and friends greeted the rapper upon his release in his hometown of Chicago, according to The Chicago Tribune. He was reportedly gifted with a red leather jacket and then welcomed by his baby daughter.