Drake Got Potential Album Beats From The xx's Jamie Smith

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By Chelsey Wilkins

Fans may witness round two from Drake and producer/DJ, Jamie Smith aka Jamie xx. The two artists first worked together when xx co-produced the title track off of Drake’s critically acclaimed sophomore album, Take Care. After the success of their first collaboration, questions have been raised as to whether or not Jamie will lend a creative hand to Drizzy’s highly anticipated third studio album, Nothing Was The Same.

MTV Hive caught up with the London-bred producer to find out if he has plans to work with the rapper a second time around.

“I went to visit him in the studio at the end of last year to see how his album is going and we played each other some music. It sounds really good," Jamie said. "I’ve sent him some bits and pieces for the album but he’s very, very busy and gets a lot of stuff in and out. Even with the last album, he was to and thro with tracks and wasn’t sure what was going to go on and what wasn’t. I don’t know what’s going to come out of it but hopefully we can do something together for it.”

If we do hear another Jamie and Drake project, we can expect sounds that he describes as “bashment-style beats.” After experiencing the music at a carnival-type, street festival he attended in Barbados, Jamie said he was prompted to produce sounds similar to what he'd heard.

Back in 2011, Drake was excited to work with him, saying, “Jamie is probably one of the most exciting producers I’ve ever heard.” It looks like time will only tell whether or not Jamie xx ends up on Drake’s upcoming album.