'Love & Hip Hop NY' Reunion Recap: Joe Budden And Consequence Fight

By Sowmya Krishnamurthy

Last night on 'Love & Hip Hop NY's' reunion, more truths came to light and not one, but two fights broke out--including one between Joe Budden and Consequence.

Yandy first cleared up that her creepy cousin and trainer, Maurice, often takes pictures of her. When Yandy herself saw her provocative photo, she knew it was inappropriate. She opened up about her relationship and got emotional talking about Mendeecee's possible jail time. Yandy shared that her man is in Rochester, awaiting a bail hearing, and she refused to answer any questions about him getting locked up for a prolonged period of time.

A fan asked Joe and Rich Dollaz about their naked photos. Joe claimed that his phone was stolen from a strip club but the photo was doctored. Rich also claimed that his photo was falsified but Erica said he was lying. "I stand by what I said," said Erica. Rich and Erica's smash buddy Tiffany then joined onstage. "You were easy," said Erica about how she scooped Tiffany and then threw her on a "dollar van." Erica then claimed that Rich used Tiff to get dirt on her while Rich and Tiff denied it all. According to them, Erica came onto Tiffany. Tiffany then said that she and Rich will always be cool but they're not in a relationship.

Tahiry Punched Consequence To Defend Joe Budden, Jen The Pen Just Screams

Cons and Jen got into the hot seat and still seemed to be going through their religious issues. Mona then asked Jen about her racially-charged statement about getting a job before Raqi because she's white. Jen denied ever saying that she would get a job "before someone" due to race but Raqi stood by her allegation. Raqi and Cons then threw jabs at each other. Rashidah Ali then jumped in and asked what kind of Muslim woman Raqi was, acting like this. Rah and Raqi then almost throw punches and Rah took her shoes off in the process (while Joe sat back and recorded on his cell phone).

Enough of that. Remember Cons and Lore'l's race wars over that song Cons was penning? Cons then said that his line about "light skin is the right skin" was inspired by L'orel and it was not meant to offend. He then said that one line does not define an artist. Lore'l says that she understands Cons' point of view but she made her decision to nix the song for her fans of all shades.

Finally, we saw a huge fight break out between Cons and Joe Budden during the commercial break. Out of nowhere, Cons punched Joe in the back of the head and all hell broke loose. "I don't tolerate disrespect," said Cons. He said that Joe Budden interrupted a radio interview he did and that was disrespectful. Joe blasted back that Cons and Jen were running their mouths in interviews and he wasn't feeling it. Cons then said that Joe threatened him in another interview and it was the breaking point. Cons had no qualms about hitting Joe in the back of the head and he shouted Tahiry out for smacking him at the side of the head. Joe and Cons then negotiated fighting off-camera in the green room or bathroom. Security then thwarted that. "This is ridiculous. Let's take a time out," said Mona.

The girls all came together in the end to talk about the future: Erica said her book is coming out as is "more craziness." Yandy is working on her blog and new client Lore'l, who is working on her new project.. Raqi is going on a DJ tour. Olivia is working on her album. Jen is working on revamping her blog. Rashidah's man "put a ring on it" while Tahiry says she has more music projects on the horizon, but refused to talk about any more love with Joe.

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