Jay-Z's Obama Lyrics On 'Open Letter' Provoke White House Response


By Sowmya Krishnamurthy

Yesterday, Jay-Z released the new track "Open Letter," in which he shouts out his friend President Barack Obama, and it's actually provoked a response from the White House.

Hov fired back at critics who blasted his recent trip to Cuba with wife Beyonce and spoke of a conversation with Obama about getting the POTUS impeached. "Obama said, Chill, you gonna get me impeached/ You don’t need this shit anyway/Chill with me on the beach,'" Hov raps.

The White House is going on the record, denying that Obama spoke to Jay-Z about his Cuba trip, after a reporter took the time to recite some of Jay-Z's lyrics, which alleged otherwise, during a press conference. White House Press Secretary Jay Carney told White House reporters "the only reason Jay-Z implicated Obama in his new song is because it's hard to find something that rhymes with treasury," according to TMZ.

Carney said that Barack had no contact with Jay-Z about the Cuba trip and it was handled by the Treasury Dept, noting, "It's a song. The president's not communicating with Jay-Z over this trip."

MTV News reported previously that Jay and Beyonce had proper papers for their recent Cuban excursion and that the cultural trip was fully licensed by the Treasury, according to an unnamed source familiar with the pair's itinerary.