The-Dream Would Form R&B Super Group With The Weeknd, Chris Brown


By Sowmya Krishnamurthy

The-Dream has worked with everyone from Rihanna to Drake but as he prepares to release his new album IV Play, the producer/singer has his sights on creating an R&B super group. The-Dream spoke to The Grio and said that he'd want Trey Songz, Miguel, Chris Brown and The Weeknd in his fantasy collective.

The Weeknd is a surprising choice, given The-Dream's seemingly combative relationship with the Toronto crooner. “What I love about The Weeknd is he stays on his own course. He has his own carved-out thing in place and I mean as far as him as a person," said The-Dream.

Just last year, the two singers went at it on Twitter, seemingly throwing shots at each other. At the time, The Weeknd wrote, "ham burglar lookin’ a-- ni---…ll i need are my brothers and my fans… f--- the bulls---. just gimme that gat damn allderdice god damm it! i’m too turnt up right now!! this ni--- is so hood, he thinks my name is the weekender…i was raised old fashioned, you get at me, i get at you… ain’t no sideways s--- about it…"

The-Dream responded with his own lengthy rant in return, including: "Like my father said. Say ur piece son if a man feel uncomfortable enough a cheat, and a liar will identify his self. Amen. Now I know 4 Sure. I said I was Honest not petty. Joke all you want. Grown Man. Love killed Hate. I’m going to support the movement where if u can’t say it in person don’t say it. Nothing but love from here lil homie. Don’t get fooled or tricked and try to come up on a nigga like me , won’t work just do you if u truly are then what we talkin bout. Now ima leave it at that. Ill call ya phone if you wanna chop it up or if you feel a way."

A year later, The-Dream seems to have put any beef (real or imagined) to bed. “Musically, you can’t really be affected by who’s somebody saying you sound like, because we all somehow kinda sound like each other some way," he told The Grio. "The only reason it’s not the other way around, if I were to be compared to him if he came out first. You can’t do anything about that."