Jay-Z Shouts Out Chief Keef On 'Open Letter'


By Maurice Bobb

Y’all gon’ learn today. That’s the empathic reprimand from Swizz Beatz on Jay-Z’s new incendiary track, “Open Letter,” in which Jay fires back at critics of his anniversary trip to Cuba with wife Beyonce. Politicians want the God MC to serve time for celebrating wedded bliss in the communist country, but Hov, never repentant, declares that if he must do time for a U.S. Treasury Department-approved trip, he’d rather go down for committing a “real crime.” And even Chief Keef gets a shout out on the track for his delinquent activities.

“Wanna give me jail time and a fine? Fine, let me commit a real crime. Might buy a kilo for Chief Keef, out of spite, I just might flood these streets,” he raps on the Swizzy and Timbaland-produced track which was recorded Wednesday night (April 10) and delivered to Jay’s website, Life + Times on Thursday morning. (April 11)

On the track Hov also references his decision to sell his stake in the Brooklyn Nets.

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This is his first solo song since the heartfelt “Glory,” which was dedicated to his newborn daughter, Blue Ivy, but it’s safe to say that Sosa, who is on probation from gun charges and recently released from a juvenile detention facility after serving 60 days for violating that probation, would rather not be mentioned in the plotting of a crime while under the watchful eye of the law, even if it is Shawn Carter doing the talking/rhyming.

The Finally Rich MC has been laying low since his jail stint, spending time with loved ones like his daughter and legally flooding the streets with new material, like the video for "Now It's Over" from his upcoming Bang Pt.2 mixtape to try to regain some of the steam he garnered before heading to lockup. The teenage rap sensation hasn’t commented on the shout out by the Roc Nation CEO yet, so no one knows if this is the kind of thing the GBE representer "don't like," but it can’t hurt the young spitter’s chances for a successful comeback.