Nas Invests Six Figures In Mass Appeal Magazine

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By Sowmya Krishnamurthy

Nas is adding "Associate Publisher" to his job titles. Forbes reports that the rapper is officially investing in Mass Appeal magazine and will serve as the hip-hop publication's Associate Publisher.

Nas invested a "six-figure" sum in the magazine, which was founded in 1996 as a graffiti magazine and has returned this year. “Mass Appeal has a legacy and respect,” Nas says. “It already has a foundation … I just feel like I can add on because I can lend my kind of cultural expertise and my professional acumen, and develop the business."

The Queens rapper sees this investment as a natural fit for this stage in his career. “I knew that this was down the road,” he says. “I didn’t care to interrupt me being a creative musical artist … I said I’ll be more of a businessman down the road. I’m down the road now.”

Nas graced the cover of Mass Appeal himself in 2002 but he wants to make sure to let fans know that he won't get preferential treatment from the magazine now. When asked what would happen if the publication covers him, Nas says, “If that happens, I don’t want to see it until it’s out,” he says. “I won’t get involved with that at all … I won’t touch anything, they’re free to say whatever they want. They can say I’m a psychopath, they can say I’m a sweetheart … as long as it’s from their honest opinion, that’s all that matters to me.”