Did J. Cole's Dark 'Power Trip' Video Shock You?'

J. Cole headed back to his hometown Fayetteville, North Carolina to shoot his new "Power Trip" video, and we wonder if his friends were disturbed by the dark plot line when he originally explained it to them? On the Born Sinner single, which features Miguel, Cole obsesses over a girl, but he takes it way beyond basic obsession in the self-directed video where he ends up resorting to murder, over jealousy.

On the track Cole references his 2009 single "Dreams," where he imagines himself murdering the boyfriend of his crush, and here was his chance to finally put that on a screen. For the most part fans seemed to be pleasantly surprised by the twisted plot, and, as @Queen_Re, put it, " Miguel still looks cute in the power trip video, even if he was dead lol." Word! See some more reactions below.

@backpacksNtraps If you’ve been rocking with J. Cole since The Warm Up you’ll understand the Power Trip video. Y’all Friday Night Lights fans won’t get it.

@RealLifeKaz "Power Trip" video is fantastic.

@LilThugBre Power Trip vid was intense. I loved it tho. #ColeWorld

@RottenScraps @JColeNC killed Miguel in the "Power Trip" Video, thats wild ????

@King_Berry @JColeNC spazzing on the #PowerTrip video!!! Can't wait till Born Sinner. #ColeWorld

@ashlynknwsbest That Power Trip video is a little disturbing for Cole

@hotsyience The video for Power Trip is so sweet, most people won't get what it's referencing though

@tiphaniejackson damn.......that "power trip " video though!!!!! I'm officially a J Cole fan #converted *grabs wallet go buys cd *

@black_cleopatra Power Trip and Dreams should have been a movie

@AngeliqueBM How J.Cole just going to kill Miguel in that powertrip video though lol

@Lejohn_05 J.Cole Power Trip video tough

@Sir_Christoph_ Power trip video. I'm bout to watch that like fiddy times today