'Love & Hip Hop NY' Reunion: Joe Budden Lies, Erica Mena Comes Clean

By Sowmya Krishnamurthy

The "Love & Hip Hop NY" cast came together last night for the part one of the show's reunion. Like the season itself, the show kicked off with drama. Rashidah blasted Yandy's man Mendeecees (who wasn't at the reunion due to legal issues) and although Rah admitted to sleeping with Mendeecees, she claimed he was one of the least endowed men she's been with. Oh.

Yandy kept it classy and threw the issue on Winter (who is now pregnant) on sharing what Mendeecees said to Rashidah. Winter and Yandy get to yelling at each other for Winter's disloyalty. Winter and L'orel then yell at one another for their issues and Winter claimed that L'orel slept with her man (L'orel said that Winter's slept with everyone so how's that possible). The two are still in bouts over Winter's tell-all book, but L'orel told the audience that her lawyer is making sure she gets a cut of the sales since her business is in the book.

Raqi jumped in with her own drama, continuing her on-screen beef with Rashidah and then Tahiry. Tahiry shared that she cut off her friendship with Raqi because she thought she was trifling and believed that her relationship with Joe was too cozy.

Speaking of Joey, he and Tahiry then discussed their issues. Tahiry admitted that Joe pushes her buttons but his own mama said that she wants the exes to get back together. Awww. Kaylin popped in to tearfully share that she's happy if Joe's happy, but it was painful this season watching her man fall in love with another woman.

The Erica Mena, Rich Dollaz and Olivia love triangle continued to play out on the reunion. Rich admitted to being in love with Erica but Mama Dollaz and Olivia weren't having his sob story. When asked to sing a line from her famous ballad, Erica refused but Olivia jumped right in to show offer her skills. Rich boasted that with Olivia singing the track, the song has jumped to #10 on some chart.

Finally, the cast got together to come clean about their lies by facing Mona Scott-Young's truth detector. We learned that Erica Mena was indeed in love with Rich, although she did cheat on him with more than just Tiffany. Shockingly, we found out that despite the lovey dovey routine, Joe Budden is not in love with Tahiry and he cheated on her with Kaylin. Oh boy.

Stay tuned for the fall-out in next week's reunion conclusion.