Is Iggy Azalea Rapping About A$AP Rocky On 'Slo'?

By Muhammad Abdulhafith

Since she stepped on the scene there have been questions surrounding Iggy Azalea’s love life, particularly her relationship with ex flame A$AP Rocky. Well today the modelesque rapper provided some answers—or did she?

On Friday (April 5) Iggy dropped the video for "Slo," a mid-tempo track where she reminisces about a lost love. In the song Azalea raps about the difficulty in parting ways with an ex and while the song could be about anyone, she does reference someone with a very busy schedule. "We both got our lives so it’s no surprise the schedules conflict and we can't coincide," she raps on the track.

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It was no secret that the two had a thing for each other, Azalea got Rocky’s mixtape title Love.Live.A$AP tattooed on her fingers and in a January 2012 with Vibe admitted that she loved him, but couldn’t quite define their relationship. Things eventually went south and in March Iggy took to Twitter and confirmed that she switched up the finger tats. "FYI. I've had that tattoo crossed out for MONTHS. Hop off my nuts. Your late and It shouldn't be news anyhow," she wrote.

Neither Rocky nor Iggy have ever really opened up about where they currently stand, but on "Slo" Azaela is definitely heartbroken and creating some pretty curious questions. So when she raps: "Used to be happy but now sh--s unpredictable/ I smiled at the shows but there were tears in the limo though" it makes us wonder just who Iggy is referring too.

Do you think Iggy is rapping about Rocky on "Slo"?